Thursday, March 08, 2007

slowing down.

i have stopped OR rather took a break from Dr Grey's lessons. off and on abit heh else i have nothing to de-stress with later. ANYWAY, i am glad that i have finally updated MY_SCOFIELD serials. it has been so long since i watched and DROOLED over him hehe. i donno why BUTTT Heroes seems so not appealing to me. i just managed to watch the very first episode and i tell you, not even till the credits roll even if they have one. maybe its true, the theory of a friend who once mentioned tat I WATCH SERIALS FOR THE SAKE OF CUTE/HANDSOME/HOT guys! BINGO! OH. AND AND....tat guy...Lincoln Burrows from Prison Break, hes acting in PRIMEVAL(pronounced as "PRIME-EVAL") which "is inspired by a true story". he spotted the same hairstyle and his clothes were kinda similar heh.

AND ezie showed me Beyonce Live on Oprah, exhibiting her powerful vocal with "Listen". Diva seriously. Power seol! i was stunned + goosebumps + 'otak berdesing' and A Must Watch yo!

things have been happening around. but its just not right to blog about it here. respect people respect. OH YA! i heard that there were tremors back in Spore from a fren and Indonesia was hit by earthquake TWICE. To the deceased, may they rest in peace. May God bless their souls.


far-- said...

no. Heroes is fun! The guys are gd looking what.

i like Peter Petrelli and Rose likes Mr E-sak(as pronounced by Hiro Nakamura).

Sylar isnt so bad also. Okay, next up- Im gg to watch Grey's Anatomy as well.