Sunday, March 04, 2007

its only a week.

its just the initial week. 12 more weeks to go, and FEEL MY AGONY people!
news got to me about what had happened back home. YES YOUU. i know all about it. better BEHAVE from now on. ok i know, my schedule is not as bad as you pples' AND i should not complain BUTTT tuesdays are agonising. to concentrate for 2 straight hours in a lecture. OMG. only smart asses can survive this ordeal man!

my gals are mugging consistently which is good :)

AND i am trying to keep myself on the track. OH. we watched NORBIT last friday. it was bloody hilarious and the girls were like "eeeee gross" looking at Murphy's artificial transformation. hehe. AND way before that, we watched Dreamgirls where ezie kept admiring and seriously was inspired by Beyonce's new skinny figure HAHA. go ezie!.
at some part, their singing is just too high-pitched that they really hurt my eardrums. overall, good show.