Sunday, March 25, 2007

hey hey hey

now seems to be a good time for me to blog (actually im stucked in the brain. why? cos i am so clueless about this one oh not one, but two ...the other one will be the future stuck-question also. assignment, if u cant get what i mean)

long heh since the last i updated my blog and yes, 8 MORE WEEKS to exams. i have been doing the countdown to my DOOMed days actually. some things i am just trying to make things better. YES. there is this one tiny mini cell in my brain which has been telling me every morning to just wake up and complete my soon-to-due stuff. it feels like im not doing enough yet. "no enough is enough yet". ok tats random.

is this seriousness stress? anxiety? ugh. i have to go seek help.


far-- said...

omg. it's actually 8 friggin weeks to exam. sempat eh kira.


baru nak lepak. gee ni, mmg ah. =p

jee1633 said...

hehe. r u looking forward to go-karting? *wink wink*