Thursday, April 19, 2007

wats in the list.

this happens when i have frens who intro me some cool good songs. i feel so new. hehe.

what happened to Pecinta Wanita and My Heart ? HAHAH.
BELAIAN JIWA was the most memorable. Along the dark alley, ezie wanted us to sing cos she was too afraid AND also farah and her were entertained (seriously they like their singing which i seriously missed it, damn) by this group of guys in the library earlier on with the same song. ok i know and we all know, Belaian Jiwa is the ultimate romantic + lovey-dovey + guys who sing them nicely will melt u gals.

its week 8 now. i want to go shopping this weekend. ok tats random.

there are too many "kids" here. Noise. And im in library now. Kids. Agree?