Friday, April 27, 2007


i must say this.

Jude Law is HOT. the sizzling kind.

ok, its like finally after hmmm months i managed to catch THE HOLIDAY. it made my tears roll man. seriously. ok, if im not wrong, diana..u went gagagagaga on him rite. and yes, its finally proven HAHA. ok ok. i know. i have been so busy drooling over the one and only wentworth miller. AND NO. hes not gay. hes just too good to be one HAHA. Fine.

THIS NEW PIECE IS MAKING ME NUTS. ok , showing off. check out below.

i have decided to change the look of my OS and looking at the fact that Vista ROCKS BIG TIME, i wanted something else out of my current one. and i came across this skin named Smooth X *The creator rocks!*

what have been happening to me here? not much really, needless to say abt assignments and skool EXCEPT for the company i had with the gals. =] things are going fine, and AH. today. its the end of Week 8. but one thing that is not really going tat fine is the feeling of sadness, stress-ness, tension-ness among my close frens here. so guys, i believe that we all can survive another of this ordeal just like what we had gone through before. those who just came in, i believe it will take some time to actually adapt to the system here especially adapting to the books hehe. so worry no more. what i have gone through and wat others go through are all the same. So...



Diana said...

haha..told ya abt Jude Law. That show, THE HOLIDAY, he is oh so the man i would want to love..3 for the price of 1 cute little girls he have in that show real life *God knows* but he is forever in movies with 'babes in bed'. i told ya i went on DVD/VCD marathon with all of his was a spread alright... :)

jee1633 said...

on the other hand, that "3 for the price of 1" sounded so familiar ya :)

Diana said...

well deary, ya strangely familiar. By the way, I'm reading a book of ur recommendation. Well actually u recommend the movie. I got the DVD but haven't got the time to sit and watch it.
But i do have time and actually is reading the book. :)

ok i'm outta here...i'll drop by again :)

jee1633 said...

Hmm. what was tat movie again i recommended? hehe. you know, im aging. kind of have forgotten details that easily.