Saturday, April 21, 2007

Not any service but good customer service tat matters.

when u walk along shops, in search of a product and it happens that one shop seemed empty. its a well-known branded sports shop. and the first thing you would notice is the sales person? would you? its like what the heck are you doing there and why arent there any customers around? so i decided to check out their stuff. and the salesperson just stood far away behind me. she didnt utter a word. its like im the one who asked her the price, the model etc. from liking the product to "thank you" to walking off.

so where is the customer service ? dont they like have any concerns about the no show-up of customers ?

so i continued my search and i passed by New Balance..nah..didnt attract much of my attention. And came along this huge brand display which just seemed to call me to visit its lot. i saw like 3 dudes who might just about to get out of the shop maybe after a random checking out of the products. the sales people, these few guys i randomly saw them at the counter doing some stuff. ok, my intention was actually to look for backpac and despite the not so wide variety they have BUT the thing is the customer service one of these guys provided me. it was such a vast contrast to what had happened in the first shop and i tell you, he was all out with information to assist my purchase that till i felt like buying another of my not-so-important item but because of some financial issue *ok it was pricey and i have to be careful with $*. we communicated in 2 ways and tats the real deal.

Adidas Sunway Pyramid. Thats wat i call good customer service.